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Garbage Disposal Maintenance Guide | Cleveland, GA

What You Need to Know About the Maintenance of Garbage Disposals Plumbers in Cleveland GA

Garbage disposals are one of the important appliances in our kitchens. It is an electrically powered appliance, which is installed in between sink trap and the drain. It is used to shred food items, small enough, to pass through the drain.

Not to mention, the first garbage disposal was invented in a home workshop by an architect in 1927. However, the popularity and frequent use of garbage disposals was reported after the World War II.

This was the time when many homeowners modernized their kitchens and installed this useful appliance. With more plumbing services in Cleveland, GA and increased sale of garbage disposals, there is a lot more competition among the manufacturers of the garbage disposals.

Thanks to this growing competition and the availability of expert plumbers in Cleveland, GA, we now have a huge variety of disposals. This means that you can choose the one that best meets your project type. However, a garbage disposal calls for full maintenance and proper handling. When you treat your garbage disposal carefully, it works efficiently and it also lasts for more than its useful life. It may even last for up to 10 years.

While plumbers in Cleveland, GA suggest ensuring cleanliness of your garbage disposal, many people overlook this basic need for garbage disposal. They leave their disposals unclean. This causes them to get into the troubles of blocking or clogging. This not only leaves their kitchen unusable for some time but also becomes the source of bad odor in the house.

Needless to say, it also brings a lot more bacteria with itself than you can actually think of!

Since all of us frequently face garbage disposal problems in our homes, let us now discuss the major problems that we usually face. This will also help you in maintaining your garbage disposals. Once you fully understand the basic reasons behind these garbage disposal problems, you will be able to handle it carefully and ensure its proper maintenance.

Nevertheless, this will also help you in saving some bucks by avoiding frequent repair by calling the assistance of a plumbing service in Cleveland, GA.

Problem#1 – Garbage disposal stops working when its turn on

This is a common problem. We turn on the garbage disposal but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. In this case, the foremost thing is to check the power. For this, check the fuse box or the circuit breaker. If you are receiving proper power then check the red button (small) under the garbage disposal. This is usually known as a reset button. If you find this button popped out it indicates that the disposal motor is hot and you need to turn it off for a while.

However, if the disposal is not working whatsoever, even if you are getting power, it means that the disposal is jammed.

Problem#2 – The garbage disposal hangs frequently and without any specific reason

If your garbage disposal is getting jammed, there must be a valid reason for this. Chances are that you have overlooked the issue for long. But you can always call the assistance of a plumbing service in Cleveland, GA. However, the main reason for this improper functionality is the introduction of tiny objects or may be food items at the disposal.

According to the plumbers in Cleveland, GA, majorly the issue arises when food items comprise of corn husks, avocado leaves, tiny bones, vegetable matter and others. But if you are using the latest model then chances are that your garbage disposal has a small socket that prevents the frequent jamming of the machine.

Underneath the disposal motor, you may use this socket to turn the masher plate (back and forth) by using a wrench. This will clear the clogging.

But avoid putting your hands in the disposal. To clean disposals always use tongs or pillars. In fact, your best bet is to take the assistance of professional plumbers in Cleveland, GA.

Problem#3 – the garbage disposal is leaking

Whenever you face a leaking in your garbage disposal, check the drain connections as the foremost step. If the leak is resulting from the defective drain pipe, it’s good news. This means you can easily fix it by using a rubber jacket.

But if you don’t have enough knowledge about fixing your disposal with a rubber gasket then leave the job to the professionals. If you don’t handle the job carefully this may cause more damage than any good. Most importantly if the leak is due to some issue in the disposal body, then call the assistance of a professional plumber in Cleveland, GA right away and without further delays. That is because it’s time to replace the garbage disposal.

Problem #4 – garbage disposal is making noises

Sometimes your garbage disposal may produce a weird and irritating sound. The problem arises when the sound is loud as well as constant. This can be due to a bone piece stuck in your disposal. It produces a racket as you turn on the unit. Sometimes this may jam your unit but at other times, this issue gets resolved automatically.

But if you find the sound getting louder and if the issue remains persistent, then it indicates a more severe issue. This may include a loose mounting screw, worn bearings, worn out blades or even broken flyweights.

What needs to be done now?

If the damage is already done and you are already facing any of these garbage disposal issues, then your best bet is to call the assistance of a professional plumber in Cleveland, GA immediately.

It’s better to resolve the issue for once and all, rather than overlooking it for long. However, make sure you only hire the expertise of the most-reputed plumbing service in Cleveland, GA. For this, call the assistance of Metro Plumbing Heating and Air.

Their team of professionals is not only well versed in dealing the most complex plumbing issues but they also hold great experience in this industry. Moreover, in the case of an emergency, you can also take their immediate assistance by calling their 24/7 emergency helpline number (423)-616-1025.

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