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Important Questions You Must Ask Your Plumber in Chattanooga

Important Questions You Must Ask Your Plumber in Chattanooga

Plumbing contractors will often charge different price rates for plumbing services, as they specialize in certain plumbing services. For example, a plumber that performs emergency calls will generally charge more for emergency services but doesn’t provide conventional plumbing services. Consequently, plumbing contractors that work on new jobs need notice in advance of nearly a couple of months or weeks to perform emergency services.

Therefore, before you are faced with a plumbing emergency, it is best that you familiarize yourself with a local plumber in Chattanooga, TN so that you don’t need to deal with costly plumbing problems. To help you out, we are going to share some important questions you must ask your plumbing contractor before acquiring their services. Here are some of them:

1.  Are You Licensed?

One of the first questions you should ask any plumber in Chattanooga, TN is whether they are licensed. Being licensed ensures that the plumber has the expertise to handle all types of plumbing problems. Experienced plumbers are required to undergo government testing to get certified as a regional, country, or state plumbing contractor. Licensed plumbers must also take annual re-certification tests, so that they remain updated with building codes, and have knowledge about building practices.

If your plumber doesn’t have a proper license, they won’t manage to provide plumbing services that comply with local, state, and national building codes. Their services can also be illegal. An unlicensed plumber can’t acquire permits needed for plumbing jobs, and this will mean that your plumbing project will be against the law and may be shut down.

2.  Are You Insured?

Apart from licensing, you should also check whether your plumber offers insurance with their services. Insurance will provide you with stability if there is an accident or a mistake. It doesn’t happen often, but mistakes, theft, and accidents can lead to serious problems if there isn’t any insurance. A plumber in Chattanooga, TN that has proper bonds, builder’s risk, and workers compensation insurance will be qualified to handle any type of plumbing job risks without worrying about having to pay you out of their pocket if there are mistakes or accidents.

3.  What Are Your References and Credentials?

A good plumber in Chattanooga, TN will have a lot of experience. Plumbers that don’t have at least four to five good references from clients don’t have the necessary experience to handle plumbing tasks in a reliable manner. Therefore, you should always check for references personally before signing any contract with a plumbing service.

You should also check the credentials of the plumber. Credentials don’t guarantee quality work, but it does show that the plumber is committed to their trade and it shows that they’re not only familiar with modern building techniques and practices but have knowledge about professional practices.

4.  Are Your Service Contractors Independently Licensed?

You shouldn’t believe that the people working in your home are experienced or licensed, even if your plumbing contractor is insured, licensed, and has great credentials. That is the reason why you should always ask your plumber in Chattanooga, TN if they’ll be hiring someone else to work for them or they’ll be working themselves. You can get a good idea about the quality and professionalism of your plumbing project by asking for references and experience of subcontractors.

5.  What Are Your Service Fees?

When a plumber in Chattanooga, TN visits your home, they can charge you with a service fee. It doesn’t matter if they don’t perform any tasks or complete the job. Most plumbers charge a service fee for showing up at your home. Most of the times the service fee is non-negotiable, which is why you should always ask plumbers what they are going to charge you before calling them over, so that you don’t have to pay hidden fees or costs you didn’t expect.

6.  What Is Your Standard Response Time?

When you’re faced with an emergency plumbing situation the response time counts for a lot. If a plumbing leak isn’t fixed quickly, it can cause significant damage in the home, and increase costs. A plumber in Chattanooga, TN that offers you with 24 hours emergency plumbing service may be the difference between a $10 dollar fix and a $5,000 water damage disaster.

7.  What Do You Charge for Travel Time?

Most plumbers in Chattanooga, TN will charge you for the time it takes them to travel to your home. This can become very expensive if the plumbing service is not near your home. Therefore, you should always look to hire a local plumbing service, so that you don’t have to worry about travel costs and can work with a plumber that is familiar with local building codes and inspectors.

8.  Do You Offer 24 Hour Emergency Service?

There are two different types of plumbing contractors, the ones that offer 24-hour emergency service, and the ones that don’t. The plumbing service that offers 24-hour services will provide emergency work. To ensure that you can easily deal with any plumbing problem, you should find a reputable local 24-hour emergency plumber in Chattanooga, TN.

9.  What Are Your Specialties?

It’s important that you find out about the specialties of your plumber before you acquire their services to handle your plumbing project. A plumber in Chattanooga, TN that specializes in service and repair work may not be the best choice for a plumbing remodeling job. Finding out what a plumber specializes in allows you to suit them to the right task and ensures your plumbing job is completed correctly.

10.  What Do You Charge for Parts?

Most plumbers carry all the parts they need for fixing your plumbing problems when they arrive. However, when there are no plumbing specialty parts, you may need to buy some from the local plumbing supply store, while your plumber may also charge extra for parts. Therefore, you should ask for any costs that are related to buying plumbing parts.

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