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Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland, TN

Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland TN

No one gives much thought to the condition of their drains; that is, until their drains become clogged or cause smelly problems. All homes send gallons of water down the drains among other things to get them out of the home. Some people believe that simply washing something down the drain is akin to throwing that thing away. However, there is one big problem with this thought process, which is that everything you wash away is going down your drains. If you don’t think about what you’re putting down your drain, you will create problems for yourself as the drain can get clogged. When that happens, you’ll require a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN to fix the problem.

Your drain could face all sorts of problems, like a pipe collecting rust and getting clogged due to corrosion. If you have hard water, it could build mineral deposit plugs in the drain. A common cause of drain problems is food from the garbage disposal getting stuck in the pipes. Other common drain problems are caused by soap and wads of hair from the sink or the shower drain clogging the drain pipes. It’s important that you learn to recognize the signs of a clogged drain, and if you notice any of the following signs, you should call a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

1.  Slow Draining Fixtures

Everyone must be familiar with slow drains. Most people have gotten used to dealing with small sink clogs, and there have even been times where they have had to rescue something they dropped down the drain. When you experience slow draining it looks like a drain that will clear up, but the water struggles to go down the drain. This leads to water building up due to clogs and going slowly down the drain. When this happens, it means that the pipes have been partially blocked. If you leave this problem untreated it will turn into a complete blockage. That is the reason why you must get in touch with a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN when you notice a slow draining fixture.

2.  Gurgling Sounds Coming from the Drain

All drains tend to make some kind of noise, but that is generally the sound of water going down. However, the drain shouldn’t be making gurgling noises after the water has disappeared or when it is draining. If you are hearing distant gurgling sounds, along with slow-draining, then you should consider calling a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN. It could be a sign that there is air inside the drains and should be looked at immediately by professional plumbers in Cleveland, TN.

3.  Constant Clogging in the Drain

You could experience about one to five different drain clogs every year in your home. Most of the times these drain clogs are caused by normal usage and doesn’t indicate a serious problem. However, if there are multiple clogs every week, that isn’t a coincidence. It means there is a deeper systemic problem with the drain and could even be a structural defect in the pipes. It could be a clog deep inside the drains, which could be causing multiple small clogs.

Older homes are prone to clogging drains since they have older corroding pipes. If you’re getting frequent or multiple clogs in your home, you should get in touch with a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN immediately.

4.  Smelly Sewer Indicates a Backup or Loose Drain Caps

If you’re experiencing sewage smells from your drain, then that is a very bad sign. Sewer smells in your home are generally caused by three main problems, which are:

·     Stagnant Sewer Water in the Pipes

This means that dirty water that should be washed away is getting backed up in the pipes instead. This will lead to sewer smells coming up the drain because of the stagnant waste water in your pipes. Usually, the smells go away with the contents down the drain but backed up drains that hold wastewater will have nowhere for the smell to go. When this happens, it is time that you can in a professional drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

·     Sewer Smell Coming from Missing or Loose Caps

You may have to deal with sewer smells if the plugs or caps on the drain line aren’t connected properly. Caps or plugs that are loosely fitted on a clean-out or trap will let sewer gases escape. You can buy sewer plugs and trap caps for a few dollars and save yourself the trouble of dealing with sewer smell.

·     Dried Out Drain Trap or Sewer Traps

Another source of sewer smell coming from the drain could be caused by a plumbing fixture in your house. A trap that has dried out will not have a water barrier and let sewer gases escape. However, you can easily fix this problem by pouring water into the dried-out trap or drain to ensure the water barrier gets back into place.

5.  Backed Up Drains

One of the worst problems you could deal with is a backed-up drain in your home. Most backups are caused by unclean water. When you notice your drain backing up, there will be puddles formed around the drain that will push the water up slowly due to a bad clog. Don’t turn on your taps when this happens since it won’t drain. Low lying drains are going to back out water but they won’t have the clog in them.

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air Are Your Experts

If you’ve noticed any of the above-mentioned signs of your drains misbehaving, then you shouldn’t waste time acquiring the services of the experts. Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air offer professional drain cleaning services in Cleveland, TN and have special tools which can help locate hidden clogs. For more information on drain cleaning services, visit our website or call us at (423) 616-1025 today.

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