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Protect Your Plumbing From Summer Wear & Tear

5 Summer Plumbing Tips

The summer is here and that means it is a great idea to make sure that your plumbing system is functioning at its optimal level.

There are some things you can do that will help to make sure you do not encounter problems throughout the summer, as well as things you can do to get ready for the upcoming winter. Here are some of the best summer tips that you can use to protect your plumbing system.

Check Your Sewer Line and Sprinkler System

If you have recently planted any trees in your yard, or simply have trees that are in close proximity to your sewer line, the roots will tend to grow towards any cracks or leaks that may exist in the line. Checking your line for any leaks during the early summer is essential, due to the fact that roots are growing at their peak during this time of the year, and they are always searching for an easy water source.

Another thing you should definitely do is thoroughly inspect your sprinkler system, to make sure that there are no cracks, that there are no clogs and that none of the heads are broken. It is also a good idea to make sure that they are not spraying a great deal of water onto the sidewalk or walkways, to prevent wasting water.

Water Your Yard at the Right Time of the Day

Everyone starts to water their yard during the summer months to get that bright green and beautiful grass; however, you should absolutely be watering at the right time of the day. If you water during the hottest times of the day, a great deal of it is going to simply evaporate, so to get the most out of your water, water the grass in the early morning hours or in the evening. Doing this will save water and bring your bill down.

Turn the Heater Down and Doing Plumbing Inspection

During the summer months you can usually get away with turning the water heater down, due to the fact that you are not going to need as much hot water. This will save you money on your energy bill.

It is a good idea to do a detailed inspection once a year to make sure that your plumbing system stays in good condition, so it may be a great idea to contact a plumbing company to come out and check your entire system once a year, during the summer months.

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