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Your Emergency Plumbing Plan

Tips for Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency

Next to fire damage, water damage has the most far reaching and traumatic impact on a home or business. The damage to property, loss of interior furnishings and collateral damage from water stains and possible mold growth in areas that are flooded is only realized later.

Burst pipes, faulty appliances such as dish and clothes washers and plumbing failures all too often are in full disaster mode by the time the problem is found. Dealing with plumbing emergencies as soon as they are discovered is an absolute necessity for expense and health reasons. Here are some tips on how to deal with a plumbing emergency

Have and Plan.

Plumbing situations will occur at any time no matter what. Having a regular plumber on call who can respond quickly will limit the amount of damage. Researching a 24 hour plumber starts with checking websites to see who guarantees 24 hour emergency service.

Making sure the candidates have up to date licenses, insurance and references is also important since every second counts when this situation occurs. Checking with certifying agencies and boards, the Better Business Bureau for complaints and other reliability information and asking for references will make a selection more secure.

Preventative Maintenance

Having a regular inspection of water carrying and plumbing infrastructure elements goes a long gway to preventing emergencies and extra expense.Replacement of worn or questionable items is much cheaper than a full recovery from a flood.

Insurance Review and Update

Usually insurance can cover an emergency. Consulting with your agent is an excellent idea to see if any possible plumbing emergencies are covered. Coverage include not only repair and replacement but recovery from environmental damage as well.Water can seep into areas not visible immediately and mold growth can severely complicate the whole process.

Security System Monitoring

Much damage can be limited by having your security system updated to include monitoring for plumbing emergencies. The quicker the response time the less property damage will occur.

Short term living arrangements.

Having a dependable temporary relocation available is a good idea for major problems. This is also an item which can be added to homeowners insurance.

Dealing with a plumbing emergency is a matter of planning, having a reliable on call 24 hour emergency plumber and making sure you have proper insurance for when that event happens.

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