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The Signs That You Need Septic Tank Pumping | Chattanooga, TN

The Signs That You Need Septic Tank Pumping   Chattanooga TN
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Septic tanks are big, underground structures. They are constructed to collect and contain the flow of waste water and solid waste from a house.

They are custom made in remote areas or properties. Such places don’t have sewerage connections, choose to not get connected or don’t have access to them.

Septic tanks have several advantages to offer. They offer convenience in a lot of ways. Primarily, they allow people to live anywhere without worrying about sewerage lines. It makes it possible to have housing in remote areas for calmness and quiet.

The average life of a septic tank before it needs pumping is 3-5 years. Despite this, it is recommended to have it done every year. This ensures a lot of benefits for the smooth working of your septic tank. Its life will be maintainedand increased and it will do smooth work.

You should never skimp out on getting your septic tank pumping in the Chattanooga, TN area carried out. Otherwise, your tank might start telling you it needs a professional plumber.

This is one situation you do not want at all. This is because it can create quite the risks of disease and contamination. Malfunction of the septic tank may also happen and this will require costly repairs.

Always be on the lookout for these signs below. If you spot them, you need immediate septic tank pumping in the Chattanooga, TN area.

1.  What Can Nature Tell You

You should take the time to listen to nature. Nature can alert you to if you need a septic tank pumping.

Increased croaking of frogs and toads can signal a septic tank pumping. You should make haste if you spot snakes as well.

Why all this concern about harmless animals? Because they mean drainage water is pooling on your property. These animals like wet areas and snakes eat frogs. The animals themselves are a minor nuisance at best. But, their presence is a signal that your land has changed somewhere, and not for the better.

2.  Bog Formation

The area of your tank drain-off should never look like a marsh or a bog. This means the water has seeped up to dangerous extents and is now pooling on the surface.

You should not attempt to investigate such conditions but beat a hasty retreat. Such developments are a sign that the drain-off is overburdenedand not working. The cause for this is the septic tank overloading and draining large quantities of water. Such large quantities of water exceed the land’s ability to absorb it.

You should immediately call for septic tank pumpingLetting that drainage stand will create a lot of problems for you.

Diseases, bacteria, pests and flies will inhabit the area. Your family will be at substantial risk if these elements find a route to your house.

3.  Abnormally Lush Grass

Walking on fresh and green grass is a very pleasurable experience. Feeling the moist crunch of the grass beneath your feet can be very relaxing. It is one of life’s simpler pleasures.

However, you should think again if you have a septic tank.

If that fresh grass is contained to a patch then it is alarming news. Fresh grass growing in a patch of barren land is no strange coincidence. You should think how it came to be.

If you have a septic tank then it likely means an overflow has occurred. The leaking water and seepage from the septic tank rises up and soaks the soil. This demands immediate septic tank pumping to be carried out. The presence of such dangerous water on your property can cause a health emergency.

4.  Noxious Smells

Call for a septic tank pumping if foul odors and smells start appearing in your house.

These smells and odors from the drains and toilets mean very terrible things. Your septic tank has in all likelihood become overburdened. This causes its capacity to fill up which leads material to backup.

You should control the problem at this stage. Do not let the situation worsen more than smells. The next thing to happen is nothing short of a nightmare.

5.  Backed-Up Sewage

This is the absolute worst thing that can happen to your septic tank. This is the last stage of signs that your septic tank has failed. It means there has been criminal neglect and it hasn’t been cleaned in years.

In the case of sewage backing up you need to immediately call a plumber. Do not use your toilets at all and stay away from them. This is a sanitation emergency of the highest level

This is a very extreme situation and does not occur all that often. It means that there has been no maintenance at all for the septic tank. Normally, not all of the solid waste breaks down in a septic tank. It drops to the bottom and forms a solid layer. Overtime, this can overburden the tank’s capacity. This causes the tank to throw back up any incoming waste and sewage. Thus, the backed up sewage finds way in your toilets and drains.


Immediately call for septic tank pumping in the Chattanooga, TN area if any of these signs are spotted. You should not wait for these signs to appear to tell you to get your tank cleaned. Waiting can damage the ability and structure of the septic tank.

Be on the safe side, septic tank cleaning should be carriedout every other year. Contact Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air at 423-616-1025 where we are available 24/7.

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