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Understanding Why Your Water Heater Needs Repair | Cleveland, TN

Understanding Why Your Water Heater Needs Repair   Cleveland TN
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Water heaters are a necessity for any house to have as they perform many important functions. You don’t need warm water just for the winter and the cold. Water heaters usually operate on natural gas though modern versions use electricity too.

A water heater has to be built for a lot of wear and tear since it is exposed to heat and fire. Over time, this wear and tear needs maintenance and water heater repair in the Cleveland, TN area.

Reasons for Water Heater Failure:

You need to understand why water heaters can fail. Realizing some common reasons can help us in better using them. What forces cause such need for water heater repair?

The signs of water heater failure will differ depending on the reasons which caused them.

1.    Old Age

Age is one of the more obvious reasons why your water heater might fail. A water heater is not built to run for a very long period of time. At most it can be expected to stretch out 10 years but not more.

This is why even if your heater is working after 10 years, you should start thinking about replacing it. Modern versions offer much more convenience and utility than old designs. They are also safer and longer lasting.

2.    Build-Up and Blockage

The buildup of sediment and material is one of the most common reasons for water heater failure. Tracking sediment is not something which most people think to check. It is also not easy to check for built-up sediment. This leaves the issue ignored until it develops to a damaging extent.

Routine water heater repair can help to solve this issue. Typical water heater maintenance clears the tank of all sediment and debris.

3.    Rust Development

What do you get when you combine water and metal? You get rust.

What is a water heater if not boiling water in a metal storage unit? It is very natural for rust to develop after some period of time. Even the best coated metal body will fall victim to rust due to the wear and tear a water heater goes through. The water heater will get minutely corroded by the heat every time.

You can get the metal sanded down and polished to get more use out of your water heater. That is not a recommended course of action since it can damage the heater’s integrity. It can become dangerous in the long run and more likely to explode.

4.    Pressure Valve Malfunction

The pressure valve is responsible for relieving pressure in the water heater. It ensures the built up steam and gas can escape safely from the water heater. This prevents explosions from occurring.

Problems in the valve’s functioning can also affect a water heater. If the valve does not work properly to release the steam, the water heater might expand. The body will suffer undue pressure and might get loose. This will affect the water heating functions and also make it a safety hazard. The water heater can explode in such a situation.

water heater repair professional in the Cleveland, TN area can identify the problem in no time and fix it.

Signs of Water Heater Failure

Looking at the reasons for water heater failure can help to understand their effects.

What effects can they have? What signs do they create? What should you look for before calling water heater repair? Let us see.

1.    Issues in Hot Water Supply

The most common sign is usually a disturbance in the hot water supply. Hot water can stop coming entirely. It can also feel lukewarm at best, both of these are signs of heater failure. If you need to run the tap a lot before hot water appears or it is mild at the hottest settings, a faulty heater is the reason. You will need water heater repair.

This problem is caused bythe buildup of sediment in the heater. It reduces surface contact of the water with the heating area and causes poor heating. You should get this buildup cleared since it can permanently damage the heater. You will have to go for expensive replacement parts or a new heater.

2.    Metallic Aftertaste

A sharp metallic taste on the tongue or muddy water indicates many reasons. They might be due to built-up sediment or rust. Both discolor the water and leave a metallic aftertaste. Both begin to pass on into the water after a certain point. Both can damage your mouth, skin and health so go for water heater repair.

3.    Loud Sounds

Your heater can make loud sounds for a number of reasons. The reasons may be minor from material buildup to serious like a leak or crack. The latter is a dangerous situation and can cause an explosion.

Call for immediate water heater repairto solve the issue.

4.    Tank Leak

A leak in the tank probably means your heater is too far gone for help. You should look out for leaking water pooling underneath the heater. This is usually from some leak or crack. Corrosion and rust are the common culprits for this issue.

Water heater repair won’t solve the issue in this case. You will need to go for complete replacement.

Looking for the Experts?

Contact Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air today if you are looking for water heater repair in the Cleveland, TN area. It is a point of pride for us our ability to handle any and all kinds of water heaters, gas or electric, tank or tank-less. Our professional ability will leave you convinced on our quality and service. You can visit our website and reach out to us on our number (423) 616-1025 for a consultation.

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