Water Consumption and How to Control It!

What Consumes The Most Water In My House?

When dealing with an unusually high water consumption bill, there is only so much you can do to help lower that bill down without having to contact your local plumber and have them check out your pipe’s health.Pipes may have leaks in their structures that are impossible to detect without actually taking apart your drain system and looking yourself.

Let’s face it, most people would rather not open their drainage system and look through it for errors, but a plumber would, and it’s what they do for a living.

Hiring a plumber to perform a routinely check up on your pipes will prevent events like a high water bill from taking place due to the following expert services that will take place every couple of months:

1. Leakage in the toiler can occur when least expected, and all the water dripping will just cause the flush to fill up with more water, leaving your water bill rising at a constant pace.

2. A leakage in the faucet has been proven to waste over twenty gallons of water every single day.

3. Owning a swimming pool will cause your utility bills to rise very high.

4. The amount of times you water your plants or garden can have a huge effect on your overall water bill.

5. Too many showers per day.

What Should I Do?

Although there are many normal reasons behind why the water bill is extremely high, thinking about the other abnormal reasons can save you a lot of headache when the pipes continue to leak and you have done everything you thought was right to cut down on using water in your home.

Changing the way you consume water everyday is the only way to really cut down your water bill. starting with however many times you shower per day.

If you shower twice everyday, and have a whole family that also takes a shower a day, try to cut down yourself to one shower per day. If someone else in your household is doing the same thing, make sure they cut down their water consumption to a single shower.


In order to save, use less water throughout your home, whether it was on dishes or on gardening, and always want to make sure to use as least amount of water as possible, and schedule with your local plumbing company a routinely check up to make sure the pipes are maintained properly and leak-free.

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