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“Why is My Toilet Flushing so Slow!?”

3 Potential Causes of a Slow-Flushing Toilet When you need to flush the toilet several times to get rid of all the waste, you need to carefully consider the cause of the slow-flushing toilet. Regardless what the underlying cause of the trouble is, it will be costing...

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A Secret Leak May Be Costing You Money

5 Signs of a Hidden Water Leak In the home, it is inevitable that there is going to be a leak. While leaks are common, they can be a pain. In many cases, they are a mere annoyance. There are certain cases where they can be very dangerous to the household. Leaks can...

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Be A Part of the Solution

Save Money & Water By Installing the Right Fixtures! Water is one of the earth’s natural resources that humans cannot live without. This precious commodity is in jeopardy of depletion. Water surrounds 70% of the planet, but only 3% is considered freshwater....

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Your Emergency Plumbing Plan

Tips for Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency Next to fire damage, water damage has the most far reaching and traumatic impact on a home or business. The damage to property, loss of interior furnishings and collateral damage from water stains and possible mold growth in...

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